My hope for this is modest: in my wildest dreams Probably Never might become something that has a small effect on someone and is remembered fondly. In the same way people talk with reverence about Open Letters, The Little Gray Book Lectures, Riot Grrl Zines or Might Magazine, the most I can hope for is to maybe mean something to a few people who look upon it fondly after it has folded. More realistically I just hope I can keep this going for six months (and have no expectations about anyone remembering it at all).

It always disappoints me when something promising greatness starts and then folds much sooner than it should. There is nothing more appealing to me than follow through. Give me commitment over genius any day, show me ten years of dedication and maybe we can talk.

So I am telling you: prepare for disappointment. I am not going to deliver. The execution will be poor. The execution is going to be really fucking poor. If you take anything away from this, please know: you are going to be so disappointed in the execution.

In reality I think that I should probably wait another year or ten before I try something like this, when the execution will be closer to what I expect, but time is running out. I have been expecting myself to improve for years already and I am almost out of time. So jumping in despite all my fears seems a lot more reasonable.

And I am well aware of my limits: I am not a writer, I am not funny, I have a constant fear of failing (let alone in public), I am in desperate need of a copy editor. Also I will probably contradict myself a lot.

I can only hope that this warning will meter your expectations. I ask that when this fails you call me on my failure with all the righteous disappoint bestowed you.

And even though I have no idea how long this is going to last, assuming you have gotten this far without racing to the "unsubscribe" link, I can say this: Welcome. I will see you next week.